As January comes to a close, it occurs to me that I haven’t written even one blog entry this month.  I guess I’ve been busy pickin’ and paintin’.  I thought I’d jump back in by highlighting the best things to happen over the past month in this thrifting-painting-decorating-antiquing business of mine.  So here goes…in no particular order…

1. I moved to a bigger booth at the antique shop.

I started this little experiment business venture in September in a 4×6 square booth with only half walls.  For $55 a month rent, it felt very safe and I knew that even if I didn’t sell a single thing, a couple of months wouldn’t break the bank.  It soon became obvious that this wasn’t going to be enough space.  And when a bigger space opened up, I jumped on it.  I have double the floor space (4×12) and walls that go up to the ceiling. (Yay!)  The layout of the booth also fits me well (it’s sorta like a hallway rather than an actual booth you walk into) and allows me lots of flexibility with my little pieces of painted furniture.  January has been my best month yet, so I feel like I’ve made the right move!

2. I finally tried “THE REAL” Chalk Paint.

You may know that I have been making my own DIY version of chalk paint.  And it’s been working fine.  But this past weekend, I finally shelled out the $38 a quart for the real stuff by Annie Sloan.  It feels and acts much different than the paint I use; I’ll do a whole blog on it soon and talk about the differences, but for now, I’d say I really like it.  Do I “$38-a-quart-more” like it?  Only time will tell.  Here’s an up-close of the first table top I did with it.  What do you think?


3. The new Goodwill in Goochland opened

Am I the only one who gets excited about this stuff?!  This has got to be one of the best Goodwills I’ve ever been to!  It’s very clean and organized.  In fact, when my friend, Halle walked in, she said, “Is this Marshalls or Goodwill?!”  It was that nice.  It smelled good, and I found a ton of stuff to buy.  Not so much for the booth as for me and my family.  I hate to admit it, but I even found my baby’s first walking shoes.  I know that sounds bad, but they are leather Stride Right shoes that were brand new for $2!  They retail for like $40, so who could blame me?  Just please don’t tell my husband.

4. I made a new friend

This month I became good friends with a woman who has a booth in the same antique shop as me.  She’s really fun and funny and has great taste.  Her booth is one of the cutest in the shop, and the pieces she picks have a unique Asian influence.  The reason I include this on my list is that it has been so nice to have someone who appreciates the “thrill of the hunt” as much as I do.   I finally have someone who gets as excited about Goodwill as me!  If you visit Oddballs, check out her space.  She’s expanding too, and as of February 1 will be the second big booth on the right.  This proves you’re never too old to make a new friend.

 5. I sold these chairs!

I found these mid-century chairs at a yard sale several months ago.  I bought them both for $20.  They sat in my house for a month or two waiting for me to recover and paint them.  But, the problem is that I never found the right fabric for them (after searching exhaustively) and frankly, I’m not that good at upholstery.  So when I got my new larger space, I stuck them in there until I had time to redo them.  And voila!  A nice mother and daughter came in and snatched them up for $150!  I was thrilled with my profit margin, and now I don’t have to recover the seats!

6. I started selling on eBay.

I’ve been buying on eBay since early 2000.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve never sold a single thing until now.  What was I so afraid of?  I guess I thought it was more involved than it actually is.  With all the new technology, it’s super easy to take some pictures and throw up a listing.  This past week I sold two sweaters.

I bought this hand-appliqued Easter sweater for 3.99 and sold it for $38!

I think I paid $1.50 for this vintage LeTigre sweater. Remember those?! (It was 50% off!) I sold it for $19.

And I currently have a listing for this old set of vintage hot rollers.

I got them for $6 and have them listed at $19.99. We’ll see what happens.

Apparently the old technology (wax core?) in these rollers cause them to get hotter and/or make better curls.  I hear they are highly desirable among the pageant set.   Who knew?! (I mean, I did, duh, that’s why I bought them at an estate sale!

So there you have it.  Not quite a “Top Ten,” but I sure have enjoyed myself this month!

Thanks for reading!