I scored this chair about a month ago at a local auction for a measly $3.  Vintage dining room chairs are some of my favorite pieces to redo. Since they are small, I can usually complete the whole project in about a day and they seem to sell pretty quickly at a little upscale consignment store in town.  Also, I just love fabric (what DIYer doesn’t?!) and part of the fun is picking out just the right fabric to go with the style of the chair.

I was also eager to start this project because I wanted an excuse to try out a new brand of paint. Ever since I became a Retailer for Websters Chalk Paint Powder, I’ve been running my own little experiments over here to see exactly which brand of paint I like best.  Websters is a powder that turns any brand of paint into “chalk-style paint,” making it the perfect medium to use on furniture and home decor.  I’ve been very happy with Valspar (from Lowes) and Behr (from Home Depot). But I’m not afraid to branch out.  And you know how thrifty I am, so one day I found myself at WalMart and I couldn’t help but pick up a cute little sample bottle of Glidden for about $3 guessed it…a peacock blue!

It even comes with its own little applicator brush.

It even comes with its own little applicator brush.

This little sample is only 2 ounces, but I knew it would be enough for the chair.  It was, but just barely.  What I failed to realized was that this sample of Glidden was not a “paint & primer in one” product.  Although you can mix Websters into any paint, I have found that having that primer in it really does make a difference.  More on that later…

So after doing a little, ok, a LOT, of math to figure out the ratio of Websters powder to water  that I would need, I mixed it up and started to apply the first coat. (A note on the math: Mixing the Websters powder is not rocket-science, I promise!  I am just supremely, embarrassingly bad at math.)

Here's my pretty peacock blue chair after one coat.

Here’s my pretty peacock blue chair after the first coat.  Can you see her friend in the background waiting for her makeover?!

While the first coat was drying, I measured and cut the fabric I needed for the seat.  I reused the fabric that used to cover my sister-in-law’s living room cornice boards. Gotta love recycling!

Unless it is torn or in otherwise bad shape, I almost always use the original seat cushion.  I just use a piece of quilt batting between the seat and the new fabric to soften it up.


 Websters covers so well that many times I only need to apply one coat of paint to a project.  Well, it turns out that 2 ounces of NON-paint & primer in one product was NOT enough to fully cover the wood.  What’s a girl to do?  Distress!   In this case, I just hit the areas that were a little light on paint a little harder with sandpaper.  And voila!  The wood showing through looks deliberate.

This gorgeous peacock blue chair would be perfect at a vanity or desk.  The simple lines of the turquoise side table would make it a great addition to any room. Both available at Odd Balls Antiques.

I’m really happy with the way she turned out.  Chairs like this are great not only for dining rooms and kitchen, but also desks and vanities.  Not bad for only $6!