As the days get busier and summer approaches, it is harder and harder to get those paint projects finished. Let me help you!  See my Summer Workshop schedule below and check out my new semi-private class option.  Make sure to read to the bottom for some great tips for using our dark waxes to “antique” your pieces.

This Wednesday, June 10, 7-9 in Short Pump (spaces still available!!)

Saturday, June 20 2-4pm in Short Pump (only a few spots left!)

Thursday, July 9, 9:30-11:30am at Attic Consignments in Richmond

Monday, July 13 7-9pm in Short Pump

Call Teresa at 804-855-9371 to register for any of the classes.  You can also purchase products or sign up for workshops at The Lazy Daisy in Midlothian orAttic Consignments in Richmond.

I am pleased to now offer semi-private painting classes.  Here’s how it works.  You bring a small project that you can easily carry…a chair, small side table, shelf, etc. and we will paint it from beginning to end!  We will cover the step-by-step methods to transform your piece.  You will learn how to mix the paint, prepare the piece for painting, apply the color of your choice, distress (if desired), and apply the wax polish.  It will go from drab to fab in one day under Teresa’s professional guidance.

This is the perfect workshop for chalk paint beginners who are ready to dive right in, or those who just don’t have the space or time set aside to finish their projects.  I can also adjust the workshop to cover advanced techniques if you have previously attended one of my workshops!  Let’s layer paint, try different methods to distress and have a blast while creating a masterpiece.

Cost: $150 and includes Websters Chalk Paint powder, finishing waxes, a brush, and lunch or dinner  (while the paint dries)!  All you need to bring is your piece to paint, and one cup of latex paint. (I recommend a sample pot of Behr from Home Depot.)  We have space for two, so bring your best girlfriend and split the cost!  (Pay only pay $75 each!)  Look at your calendar and call me with a couple of dates that work for you!

Tips for Using Dark Wax

One of the easiest ways to achieve that “antique” look on a freshly painted piece is with the use of a dark wax.  We offer two different brands of dark waxes…Fiddes Wax Polish and Daddy Vans Beeswax.  Let’s first talk about Fiddes.

Fiddes (in the green can) has been around for generations!  It is an awesome wax that goes on easily (like butter!) and buffs to a high shine.  I offer Fiddes in three tones…clear, Rugger Brown, which is a medium brown, and Jacobean, which gives a nice dark coffee bean finish.  To apply Fiddes, just use a soft cloth (a cut-up tee shirt) or even a paper towel.  Work in small sections, rubbing with the grain of the wood.  Fiddes dries really quickly, which can, if you’re not careful, leave your finish looking streaky.  To combat this, always put on a layer of clear wax first.

I like to think of it like this…we always put moisturizer on our face first, before your foundation, right?  Your clear wax is like moisturizer for your painted finish.  Apply a thin layer of clear wax, and then apply your dark wax (your foundation).  It will make your dark wax go on much smoother. Trust me!

Here are some other tips for using our Fiddes dark waxes:

  • Work quickly in small sections going with the grain of the wood.
  • Put a little bit of clear wax on your rag or brush along with the dark wax.  It will make it spread easier.
  • You can mix a little bit of mineral spirits or a product I sell called Citrus Solvent (which is a natural product used the same as mineral spirits) to thin your wax.  It will go on more like a glaze or a wash and give you more working time.  Apply with a rag or brush, and then wipe it in/off.
  • Always have a roll of paper towels handy to rub and buff the wax.
  • A little goes a long way.  Use sparingly and then apply more if needed.
  • Use a cheap “chip brush” to apply the wax in corners or edges and to provide texture.

We also carry a line of all-natural beeswax called Daddy Van’s.  It is an awesome, organic beeswax that will also seal and protect your chalk or milk painted projects.  Just rub it on/in with a soft cloth.  It will buff to a nice matte luster.  It comes in clear, brown, and black. The clear waxes come in three different scents – lavender (my fav!), orange, and unscented (which to me, smells like olive oil).  What’s great about this product is that you can use it inside with no harsh odors or fumes!  Your workspace will smell like a spa!  You can also use it on your antique, stained wood and it will revive and rejuvenate it.

Daddy Van’s comes in two colored waxes, both of which I love!  Antique Brown is a soft brown, and Shadow Black is a deep rich black wax.  With both of these products, a little goes a long way!  Unlike the finish you get with Fiddes, which can be dramatic, Daddy Van’s waxes are very subtle.  They will tone down your paint and give them a nice, soft sheen.  I love to use the Shadow Black over my black painted finishes for an awesome deep, dark finish.

There’s really no trick to using Daddy Van’s. Just rub in/on with a soft cloth.  I like to wait about 10 minutes and then come back and rub/buff with a clean cloth.  You may see some come off on your cloth, so just add a little more and then rub and buff until you achieve the look you are after.  The Antique Brown will “take the edge off” a bright color, while sealing and protecting it.

So there you have it!  I hope these tips will help you feel more confident using our colored waxes.

*All of the products mentioned above can be purchased at The Lazy Daisy in Midlothian or Attic Consignments in Richmond.

Want to try these products first-hand?  Sign up for a workshop!

Happy painting!