I’ve been doing a lot of “thrifting” lately, (I’m addicted!) but it seems like I’ve bought more “projects” than “products” for my antiques booth.  All of these projects have been piling up in my dining room, and apparently someone wants to have Christmas dinner in there.  So my goal this week was to clear out the room and get some things painted and off to my booth.

First up was this hexagonal end table.

This table looked so dated when I bought it at the Love of Jesus Thrift Shop in Richmond.  I loved the hardware and the cool slate top and knew it would look awesome with some paint.

The picture makes it look grey, but yes!  It’s another blue table!  I know, I know… you’ve seen this paint before.  It’s the one I painted my son’s room (and several mirrors) in – What can I say?  I had a whole gallon to use up!

But what a difference it made here!  Welcome to the 21st century, little table!  The cool color combined with the slate top gives it a modern look.

Check out all the storage inside!

I love the way the handle looks with a coat of paint and some distressing.

They just don’t make hardware like this anymore!

Next up was a bench I picked up at a shop in Norther Virginia while visiting my mom.  It  had a horrible faux paint finish and dated plaid fabric.

After a light sand and a coat of grey paint, she was ready for her new top.

I picked out a modern yellow and grey fabric from Joann Fabrics.

Then I added a bit of grey trim to finish it off.  Wouldn’t this be sweet at the foot of a bed or at a bathroom vanity counter?

My last project for the week was another lamp revamp!  I painted a boring brass lamp a nice shade of olive green.  After hand painting the lamp, I gave it a light sand, distressed it a bit and then sealed it with finishing wax.

I topped it off with a new burlap shade adorned with birds.  What do you think?

Wish I could keep it, but all of these items are going in my booth at Odd Balls Antiques & More this week.  That is unless of course you, or someone you know may be interested in giving something a new home.  If so, shoot me an email at worthwhilerestyle@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!





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