Every time I find an amazing piece of furniture for my antiques booth with the intention of painting it, I pause and ask myself, “Should I paint this, or not?”

I love wood!

(Go ahead and insert joke here.)

I think it must be the tree-hugger in me coming out.  I mean, I do own, not one, but two pairs of Birkenstocks!

Seriously though, I really do love wood.  I love how furniture acquires more character over time.  I especially love dark wood.

Our house is full of it.  Every time I think I’ll move away from the dark-stained wood that fills our house, somehow I still end up with it.

Last year when I was planning my son’s nursery, I had the perfect opportunity to introduce a new stain into our lives.  I searched and searched and finally settled on a crib and dresser combination that I loved.

We loved the way the finish looked in the pictures online.

I bypassed my usual choice of “cherry” (progress!) for the finish they called “Tuscan.”  Well, I’ve always wanted to go to Tuscany; I hear they have good wood.  Oh, wait, that’s wine.  Whatever, I like them both.

The reviews said it had a beautiful well-worn, hand-distressed finish. Right up my ally.

So we took a gamble and ordered it online.  And we waited.  And when it arrived…guess what?  It matched all the other dark wood in our house.  So much for branching out (pardon the pun!).


Here it is in my son’s room. It’s a little darker than we expected, but we still love it!

I guess the one good thing about sticking with the same finish is that we can mix and match the pieces in other rooms as needed.

So what’s a girl like me doing painting over all this wood?  Well, as much as I love wood, I also love bright colors.  And frankly, I just love to paint.

There is just something about a lime green table that makes me smile.

And in my defense, I only paint bad wood.  Well, that and ugly wood.  Actually bad, ugly wood from the seventies doesn’t make me feel bad at all.

Here she is “before.”

Take this little Queen Anne-style end table.  When I found it, it was sad and lonely sitting in a cold storage locker.  Well, it wasn’t actually lonely because it has a twin.  And come to think of it, it wasn’t really cold either because we’ve had a very mild September.  But she and her sister were gouged and the crevices were covered with glitter.  Glitter? Don’t ask.  I have no idea why.

But here she is now in all her painted and distressed glory.  She’s for sale in my booth, waiting for the perfect home.

I’m still waiting to paint her twin.  They’re tired of having the same identity, so we’re going to switch it up and paint her a different color.  Any suggestions?

Here she is “after.”

My latest acquisition that has me wondering, “Should I paint them or not?” is a pair of mid-century cane-back chairs.

I just love this chair! So glad there were two of them.

Don’t you love the soft sloping arms?  The purist in me thinks they should stay dark, but the creative side of me wants to paint, paint, paint them – slate grey perhaps – and cover them with a super-fabulous fabric.  I’ll let you know what I decide.