As the days get busier and summer approaches, it is harder and harder to get those paint projects finished. Let me help you!  See my Summer Workshop schedule below and check out my new semi-private class option.  Make sure to read to the bottom for some great tips for using our dark waxes to “antique” your pieces.

This Wednesday, June 10, 7-9 in Short Pump (spaces still available!!)

Saturday, June 20 2-4pm in Short Pump (only a few spots left!)

Thursday, July 9, 9:30-11:30am at Attic Consignments in Richmond

Monday, July 13 7-9pm in Short Pump

Call Teresa at 804-855-9371 to register for any of the classes.  You can also purchase products or sign up for workshops at The Lazy Daisy in Midlothian orAttic Consignments in Richmond.

I am pleased to now offer semi-private painting classes.  Here’s how it works.  You bring a small project that you can easily carry…a chair, small side table, shelf, etc. and we will paint it from beginning to end!  We will cover the step-by-step methods to transform your piece.  You will learn how to mix the paint, prepare the piece for painting, apply the color of your choice, distress (if desired), and apply the wax polish.  It will go from drab to fab in one day under Teresa’s professional guidance.

This is the perfect workshop for chalk paint beginners who are ready to dive right in, or those who just don’t have the space or time set aside to finish their projects.  I can also adjust the workshop to cover advanced techniques if you have previously attended one of my workshops!  Let’s layer paint, try different methods to distress and have a blast while creating a masterpiece.

Cost: $150 and includes Websters Chalk Paint powder, finishing waxes, a brush, and lunch or dinner  (while the paint dries)!  All you need to bring is your piece to paint, and one cup of latex paint. (I recommend a sample pot of Behr from Home Depot.)  We have space for two, so bring your best girlfriend and split the cost!  (Pay only pay $75 each!)  Look at your calendar and call me with a couple of dates that work for you!

Tips for Using Dark Wax

One of the easiest ways to achieve that “antique” look on a freshly painted piece is with the use of a dark wax.  We offer two different brands of dark waxes…Fiddes Wax Polish and Daddy Vans Beeswax.  Let’s first talk about Fiddes.

Fiddes (in the green can) has been around for generations!  It is an awesome wax that goes on easily (like butter!) and buffs to a high shine.  I offer Fiddes in three tones…clear, Rugger Brown, which is a medium brown, and Jacobean, which gives a nice dark coffee bean finish.  To apply Fiddes, just use a soft cloth (a cut-up tee shirt) or even a paper towel.  Work in small sections, rubbing with the grain of the wood.  Fiddes dries really quickly, which can, if you’re not careful, leave your finish looking streaky.  To combat this, always put on a layer of clear wax first.

I like to think of it like this…we always put moisturizer on our face first, before your foundation, right?  Your clear wax is like moisturizer for your painted finish.  Apply a thin layer of clear wax, and then apply your dark wax (your foundation).  It will make your dark wax go on much smoother. Trust me!

Here are some other tips for using our Fiddes dark waxes:

  • Work quickly in small sections going with the grain of the wood.
  • Put a little bit of clear wax on your rag or brush along with the dark wax.  It will make it spread easier.
  • You can mix a little bit of mineral spirits or a product I sell called Citrus Solvent (which is a natural product used the same as mineral spirits) to thin your wax.  It will go on more like a glaze or a wash and give you more working time.  Apply with a rag or brush, and then wipe it in/off.
  • Always have a roll of paper towels handy to rub and buff the wax.
  • A little goes a long way.  Use sparingly and then apply more if needed.
  • Use a cheap “chip brush” to apply the wax in corners or edges and to provide texture.

We also carry a line of all-natural beeswax called Daddy Van’s.  It is an awesome, organic beeswax that will also seal and protect your chalk or milk painted projects.  Just rub it on/in with a soft cloth.  It will buff to a nice matte luster.  It comes in clear, brown, and black. The clear waxes come in three different scents – lavender (my fav!), orange, and unscented (which to me, smells like olive oil).  What’s great about this product is that you can use it inside with no harsh odors or fumes!  Your workspace will smell like a spa!  You can also use it on your antique, stained wood and it will revive and rejuvenate it.

Daddy Van’s comes in two colored waxes, both of which I love!  Antique Brown is a soft brown, and Shadow Black is a deep rich black wax.  With both of these products, a little goes a long way!  Unlike the finish you get with Fiddes, which can be dramatic, Daddy Van’s waxes are very subtle.  They will tone down your paint and give them a nice, soft sheen.  I love to use the Shadow Black over my black painted finishes for an awesome deep, dark finish.

There’s really no trick to using Daddy Van’s. Just rub in/on with a soft cloth.  I like to wait about 10 minutes and then come back and rub/buff with a clean cloth.  You may see some come off on your cloth, so just add a little more and then rub and buff until you achieve the look you are after.  The Antique Brown will “take the edge off” a bright color, while sealing and protecting it.

So there you have it!  I hope these tips will help you feel more confident using our colored waxes.

*All of the products mentioned above can be purchased at The Lazy Daisy in Midlothian or Attic Consignments in Richmond.

Want to try these products first-hand?  Sign up for a workshop!

Happy painting!


You asked for it, and we are happy to oblige!  We are pleased to announce that we have added a new Advanced Paint Techniques class to our workshop schedule!  In this class you will learn how to apply several layers of chalk paint and be introduced to different distressing techniques to achieve multiple looks. You will learn how to mix and paint with Real Milk Paint and sample several new finishing products. After practicing these techniques on sample boards, you will use what you’ve learned to apply a “driftwood” or weathered wood technique on an item that we will complete in class.

weathered finishThe cost for the Advanced class is $65 and includes all of your supplies. You can take $5 off the registration fee if you have attended one of our workshops before, or if you register with a friend.  Our first class will be held on Monday, April 27  from 7-9pm in our private studio in Short Pump.  Call Teresa at 804-855-9371 or stop by The Lazy Daisy, 13110 Midlothian Tpk. in Midlothian to register.

To see our full schedule, click here.  Questions?

Call or email Teresa at


This “weathered wood” treatment is just one of the techniques you will learn in the Advanced class!



I am thrilled to announce that I have recently partnered with The Attic to provide paint products and workshops!   The Attic is located in Gayton Crossing Shopping Center on Gaskins Rd. next to the Finicky Fox (my favorite clothing consignment store!) in the West End. It is a Richmond institution! It has been one of Richmond’s most popular consignment stores for more than 35 years!

If you’ve never been to the Attic, you’re in for a treat! If you haven’t visited lately, you’re in for a surprise! Recently they revamped the entire store, changing the merchandise, the management, the layout, the lighting, and I dare say, even the smell! (Goodbye mothballs!) This is NOT your grandma’s Attic anymore!

The Attic offers an array of classic antiques mixed with modern home décor. These carefully-selected decorator pieces are offered at great prices! They also have one of the largest selections of estate jewelry in town. Now, you know this girl loves her jewelry!

One of the things I love about this place is that they have price-drop program. Every tag has three prices, so if you’re willing to take a chance, you can wait and try to snag it on

I learned not to wait the hard way the other night at dinner when my BFF was describing this awesome desk she had just bought at The Attic. I pulled out my phone and showed her the desk I was coveting, “You mean this one?!” I asked. Yup. That was the one. (Seriously…only $105 for a French Provincial desk WITH CHAIR in pristine shape?!)  I knew I should have grabbed it!   Doh!

In addition to offering my Websters Chalk Paint Powder and various other paint supplies, I will be teaching monthly workshops right there in the store! I am really excited to be able to offer daytime classes. The first one will be held Tuesday, February 10 from 9:30-11:30 in the morning. This is perfect for people with flexible daytime schedules, as well as pre-school moms (of which I am one!). This will give you enough time to drop off your kids, get your paint groove on, and be done with enough time to pick them up. To register for this class, stop by or call The Attic at 804-740-9040.  It’s only $55 and all the supplies are included.  If you can’t make it to this one, click here to see our upcoming class schedule.

photo 1-3

I am really excited about this new partnership with The Attic. I hope you stop by to show them some love, and I hope to see you at a workshop soon.

I have some exciting news! I have just expanded to a new space at The Lazy Daisy in Midlothian! There you can find Websters Chalk Paint powder, Real Milk Paint, as well as several finishing waxes. Just take a right at the register and look for the black wall!

photo 3

Do you love all of the painted furniture you’re seeing in the stores, but have no idea where to start? Well, I can help! Sign up for one of my furniture painting workshops! This fun and informative two-hour class will teach you everything you need to know to repaint furniture for a professional look you will love. You’ll learn how to prepare, paint, distress, antique and wax your furniture.

The next one is this Monday, January 12 from 7-9 pm. They will also be held Wednesday, Jan. 21 and Thursday, Jan. 29; both from 7-9 pm.

The cost is only $55 ($50 if you register with a friend) and is held in my private paint studio in Short Pump, just minutes from the mall and Rt. 288. Call me (Teresa) at 804-855-9371 to register or stop by The Lazy Daisy, 13110 Midlothian Tnpk in Midlothian. You can also still find Websters Chalk Paint Powder, supplies and my furniture and vintage treasures at Odd Balls Antiques, 8030 W. Broad St. in Richmond.

photo 1-2

I hope you’ll stop by The Lazy Daisy and check out everything this amazing store has to offer. From painted furniture and vintage treasures to jewelry, soaps, and scarves. Grab a girlfriend or two, check it out, and while you’re there, sign up for a workshop!

Hope to see you at a class soon!

We’re pleased to announce that we have added two new classes to our furniture painting workshop lineup.  See the descriptions below and our summer class schedule, then call Teresa at 804-855-9371 to register.

Introduction to Milk Paint – NEW CLASS!

Have you heard of Milk Paint?  Bloggers and DIYers are in love with this centuries-old paint that easily and naturally gives you that authentic “chippy” look that so many are after today!


In this two-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn how to prepare and apply milk paint and be introduced to all the different Real Milk Paint Company finishing products.  You will also learn different paint layering and distressing techniques.  A take-home project is included and will be completed during the class.

Cost: $55
Offered: Mondays, 6/9 & 6/16 from 7-9pm, Thursday, 7/10 from 7-9pm

Paint Your Own Piece – NEW CLASS!

This is the perfect workshop for chalk paint beginners who are ready to dive right in, or those who just don’t have the space or time set aside to finish their projects.

Bring your own small piece of furniture that you can comfortably carry, and we will paint it from beginning to end!  We will cover the step by step methods to transform your piece.  You will learn how to mix the paint, prepare the piece for painting, apply the color of your choice, distress (if desired), and apply the wax polish.  It will go from drab to fab in one day under professional guidance and you will be inspired by all the projects around you!  A light lunch will be served.  Grab a girlfriend and make a day of it!

Cost: $75 and includes Websters Chalk Paint powder, finishing waxes, a brush, and lunch!  All you need to bring is your piece to paint, and one cup of flat latex paint. (I recommend a sample pot of Behr from Home Depot.)

Space is limited for this class, so sign-up today!

Offered: Sunday, 6/22 from 1-4pm and Sunday, 6/29 from 1-4pm

Introduction to Chalk Paint

As always, we also offer our introduction to chalk painting with Websters Chalk Paint Powder .  It is the easy, safe, and most affordable way to chalk paint.  Learn how fun and easy it is to transform your old furniture at this 2-hour introductory workshop.

Cost: $55 and includes all supplies

Offered: Monday 6/9 from 7-9pm and  6/26 from 7-9pm

All of our classes are now being held at our beautiful spacious new workshop space in Short Pump.  Call Teresa today at 804-855-9371 to register for any of these classes.   Your payment reserves your spot.

IMG_5782Many people have asked what actually occurs in the workshops, so I thought I’d write a blog about it.  So here goes…

The first thing I like to do in class is find out from the participants how much experience they have painting.  It can range from someone like my sister-in-law (bless her heart!) who can’t paint a sample on the wall, to people who have been painting for years and just want to learn some new techniques.  One of the main reasons people like to take my class is to see for themselves what all the fuss is about chalk-style paint.  I’m always thrilled to introduce them to Websters Chalk Paint Powder – the 100% natural additive that turns any latex paint into affordable and beautiful “chalk paint.”


I always like to talk a little about the history of “chalk paint” – that it, in various forms, has been around for, oh uh, millennia.  What do you think the cave people used for their cave art?  Chalk paint! –  pigments mixed with natural minerals like calcium carbonate, magnesium, and limestone.

Next I like to talk about what makes chalk paint, specifically, Websters Chalk Paint Powder the best medium to use for your DIY projects.  Did you know that you can use it on finished wood, bare wood, laminate, and ceramic and metal?  And usually with very little to no prep-work.  How great is that?!


After talking briefly about how to clean and prepare your project to be painted, we mix up the paint.  In the workshop I give my recommendation as to which brand of paint I like to mix with Websters – a paint & primer in one product is best – and tips for getting the smoothest finish.

Next comes the fun part!  The painting!  Workshop participants get to choose one color to paint their unfinished tray.  (If you let me know your favorite color ahead of time, I’ll have it there for you!)  But otherwise, I have about ten of my favorite hues for you to choose from.

Websters covers so well that we only need to do one coat (even on bare wood!), which is a good thing, because my class is only two hours long!  After the first coat is applied, participants can take a quick break to stretch their legs and browse around the shop.  I, on the other hand, whip out my blow-dryer to help along the drying process.

sanding trays

Once everyone is re-seated, it is time to de-stress.  Just relax and breath.  No, just kidding, I meant DISTRESS, as in, hit the edges with some sandpaper to create a little “shabby chic” look.  I give participants a couple different techniques to use (wet, dry) and even show you a tip on how to cut and hold the sandpaper to maximize your effort and minimize your time and waste.


Next comes the wax.  Ahhhh, the wax.  Fiddes Wax polish is what you use to finish and preserve your freshly-painted surface.  This is where the magic truly happens.  We start with applying the clear wax.  This seals the paint and gets it ready to accept the dark wax.  Fiddes offers two dark waxes. Rugger Brown is a light brown that will just take the edge off of a bright color and give it some dimension.  Jacobean is a super-dark wax that is meant to really give an antique look to your piece.  Participants are able to choose which look they want to achieve and are taught several techniques to apply it.

applying dark waxAfter the light and dark waxes are applied, it is time to buff.  Unlike other waxes I’ve used, Fiddes wax is super-easy to apply and dries quickly, which means you don’t have to wait 24 hours to buff.  A brisk rub with a soft cloth is all you need to bring out the amazing shine.

So there you have it!  In two hours you will learn everything you need to  confidently tackle your own projects with Websters Chalk Paint Powder and you will leave with a beautiful tray you can proudly display in your home.



Check out our workshop schedule and register for one by calling Teresa at 804-855-9371 or stop by the front desk at Odd Balls Antiques & More.



I scored this chair about a month ago at a local auction for a measly $3.  Vintage dining room chairs are some of my favorite pieces to redo. Since they are small, I can usually complete the whole project in about a day and they seem to sell pretty quickly at a little upscale consignment store in town.  Also, I just love fabric (what DIYer doesn’t?!) and part of the fun is picking out just the right fabric to go with the style of the chair.

I was also eager to start this project because I wanted an excuse to try out a new brand of paint. Ever since I became a Retailer for Websters Chalk Paint Powder, I’ve been running my own little experiments over here to see exactly which brand of paint I like best.  Websters is a powder that turns any brand of paint into “chalk-style paint,” making it the perfect medium to use on furniture and home decor.  I’ve been very happy with Valspar (from Lowes) and Behr (from Home Depot). But I’m not afraid to branch out.  And you know how thrifty I am, so one day I found myself at WalMart and I couldn’t help but pick up a cute little sample bottle of Glidden for about $3 guessed it…a peacock blue!

It even comes with its own little applicator brush.

It even comes with its own little applicator brush.

This little sample is only 2 ounces, but I knew it would be enough for the chair.  It was, but just barely.  What I failed to realized was that this sample of Glidden was not a “paint & primer in one” product.  Although you can mix Websters into any paint, I have found that having that primer in it really does make a difference.  More on that later…

So after doing a little, ok, a LOT, of math to figure out the ratio of Websters powder to water  that I would need, I mixed it up and started to apply the first coat. (A note on the math: Mixing the Websters powder is not rocket-science, I promise!  I am just supremely, embarrassingly bad at math.)

Here's my pretty peacock blue chair after one coat.

Here’s my pretty peacock blue chair after the first coat.  Can you see her friend in the background waiting for her makeover?!

While the first coat was drying, I measured and cut the fabric I needed for the seat.  I reused the fabric that used to cover my sister-in-law’s living room cornice boards. Gotta love recycling!

Unless it is torn or in otherwise bad shape, I almost always use the original seat cushion.  I just use a piece of quilt batting between the seat and the new fabric to soften it up.


 Websters covers so well that many times I only need to apply one coat of paint to a project.  Well, it turns out that 2 ounces of NON-paint & primer in one product was NOT enough to fully cover the wood.  What’s a girl to do?  Distress!   In this case, I just hit the areas that were a little light on paint a little harder with sandpaper.  And voila!  The wood showing through looks deliberate.

This gorgeous peacock blue chair would be perfect at a vanity or desk.  The simple lines of the turquoise side table would make it a great addition to any room. Both available at Odd Balls Antiques.

I’m really happy with the way she turned out.  Chairs like this are great not only for dining rooms and kitchen, but also desks and vanities.  Not bad for only $6!

It was recently brought to my attention that I have a lot of, shall we say, “projects” piling up in the ole Worthwhile ReStyle workshop.  Someone, and I’m not going to name any names (MY HUSBAND!) has asked me to clear out some space.  He likes to say I’m one item away from being a true hoarder.  I usually beg to differ!

In any case, this time, I kinda agree.  At the start of the week, I had seven pieces of furniture  just waiting for a ReStyle.  So I decided to challenge myself to paint a piece a day.  Not only that, I want to challenge myself to literally finish each piece in one day.


Here are just three of the seven pieces I want to paint this week: a vintage oak plant stand, a small dresser, and a 3-drawer nightstand.

First up was this little nightstand I did yesterday.  I wish I had a “before” pic, but I was too excited to get started.  I picked her up at an online auction for less than $10.  I knew I wanted to do her in blue (big surprise!) and this was the perfect opportunity to use that $2 quart of Oops! paint I got at Home Depot a few months ago.

Blue nightstand

One of the reasons I wanted to use it, in addition to its awesome shade of blue, is that I had never tried my Websters Chalk Paint Powder mixed in an eggshell finish.  I’ve always just used flat.  But, OMG!  I think I am an eggshell convert!  The Websters gave it such a smooth consistency, and the brush strokes just disappeared.  And the best thing of all is that it only took one coat!

After she was dry,  I rubbed on a thin coat of the Fiddes wax, and the finish became soft as silk.  I usually like to run a 600 grit sandpaper lightly over the surface to really get it smooth, but in this case, it wasn’t necessary.


Here’s my can of Fiddes wax being used on another project.

I started the little blue nightstand at about 2:00 while my baby napped, and I put the finishing coat of wax on at 9pm.  I think the total work time was only about an hour.


So, as I said, I have six more pieces waiting for me this week.  Up today is this drop-side buffet.  Very 70’s, and the top is a shiny veneer.  No worries though, because with Websters Chalk Paint Powder mixed in the “paint & primer in one” paint, I don’t even need to prime.  I think I’m going to paint her slate grey and set her up as a bar in the shop with all my mid-century barware on top.  Hopefully I’ll be back with some “after” pics tomorrow!

I’m dedicated to get my, shall we call it, “stock-piling of projects,” under control by the end of the week.  So my mantra this week is: A painted piece a day keeps the hoarder at bay.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Well, it’s official.  I’m in love.

I wondered if it would ever happen to me – if I would ever meet the perfect….paint…that I’d want to spend the rest of my life with.   I’ve dated so many paints over the past years: Annie Sloan, CeCe Caldwell, Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint.  All turned my head and kept my attention for a while.  They were well-bred, good looking, but also high maintenance and sometimes unpredictable.  Oh, and expensive.  These were short term love affairs.  Don’t get wrong, I still like to have a one-night stand with them every once in a while, but it just wasn’t the true love I was looking for.

I’ve been going steady with my current DIY “chalk paint” for a long time now.   Although there are a ton of recipes out there, 2 tablespoons of unsanded grout plus a tablespoon of water added to about a cup of paint has served me well through hundreds of pieces.  It’s been good, but not great.  It can be temperamental and dare I say, lumpy.  Let’s face it.  Lumpy is almost never a good thing.  Oh, and it smelled.

You know how when you’re in a long-term relationship and it’s fine; it’s working. But then you meet a new guy and you’re like, “Wow, I didn’t know how bad it was!”  That’s what my relationship with homemade chalk paint has been like.  So I went searching for something better.  A chalk paint that would give me the flexibility of color but inexpensive and easy to use.

Well, I finally found it.  The perfect paint.  Allow me to introduce you to the new love of my life: Websters Chalk Paint Powder.

So what is it?  It is an all-natural powder that you mix into any latex paint of your choice, and voila: chalk paint!  Any brand!  Any color!  Can you say options, option, options?!  One of the things I couldn’t tolerate about my past paint-loves is that they wanted me to be monogamous with their paint pallet.  That just won’t do for a fickle, color-loving girl like me.

Websters allows you to skip the sanding and priming steps and go straight to the painting. The finish dries smooth and hard (I’m blushing!), not lumpy or chalky, and it distresses so easily.  Now here’s the biggest turn-on: its 100% nat-u-ral!  I never felt good about the grout in my DIY-boyfriend-paint, not knowing what sort of toxic things he exposed me to!  With Websters, I don’t have to worry.  And since I can mix it in no-VOC paint, it’s better for me and my environment.

Through the Garden Gate Display Booth

I love Websters so much and want to share it with my friends, that I recently become an Authorized Retailer of the Chalk Paint Powder.  (Does that make me a polygamist or a pimp?!?)

Odd Balls Booth Display

I’m thrilled to announce that Websters Chalk Paint Powder and the accompanying wax and brushes are now available in my booths at Odd Balls Antiques in Richmond and Through the Garden Gate Antiques in Mechanicsville.  If you’re not in the area and want to try it out, contact me here and I will be happy to ship some out to you.  There’s plenty of love to go around and I don’t mind sharing!

I admit it.  I am obsessed with color.  I’ll get into these kicks where I paint everything the same color.  Not the exact shade, just the same color family.  About a year ago, it was blue.   I did my son’s nursery in navy and my guest room in turquoise.  My kitchen and my guest bathroom: You guessed it! Both blue.

IMG_0232When I first started painting furniture for Worthwhile ReStyle, I became obsessed with a color called Blue Arrow by Valspar.  It is the perfect light grey-blue.  I bought a whole gallon from Lowes, and I wish I could tell you just how many things I painted with it.  It was ridiculous!


It started with my oldest son’s room. Then I liked it so much I painted the back of the bookcases in our family room and the kitchen stool which I originally planned to do in a nondescript black. I think my favorite thing I painted with Blue Arrow is this little groovy slate-top side table.


After about six months, even my ten year old started to complain about all the blue I was doing.  I admit, I was getting my fill…until..I discovered  peacock blue.  Peacock Tail to be exact.

The first thing I painted was a couple of lamps.  Did you know you can easily paint metal and all kinds of different surfaces with chalk paint?  Talk about an easy ReStyle for outdated brass lamps!  My friend, Catherine, fell in love with these and claimed them as her own shortly after I finished them.


So when I found this sweet little dresser at an online auction, she was just calling out for some Peacock Tail!


Once covered in Peacock Tail, Catherine took one look at the dresser and just HAD to have it.  It is now happily living in the bedroom of her new home next to the matching lamps.


She loves the color so much that I have to offer her the “right of first refusal” for anything painted this paint.

I thought I loved this shade.  But recent events have lead me to believe that Catherine has me beat.  She loves it so much that she bought a new Keurig coffee maker just to match her dresser.  Now THAT is obsessed with color!  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



 Do you ever have color-obsessions?  What shades of blue do you love best?