With the onset of winter, yard sale season is coming to a close, so I’m really relishing these last few Saturdays I have left.  This past weekend was the first really cold yard sale morning, so I busted out my wool coat and headed out.  There were only three within a five mile radius of my house.  How did I know?

Let me introduce you to  www.gslar.com  It is a free website that maps out yard sales in your area.  Once you register, you go in and add your zipcode and how many miles you’re willing to travel for bargains.  The site then pulls down all the ads from local papers and craigslist and sends you a report.   You tell them when you want to be notified.

I usually get my email on Friday night.  The site even allows you to plan your route so you can maximize your time out, like if you have a nursing baby at home and can only be away a few hours, or something like that.

So, as I said, there were only 3 sales within a five mile radius of my house, so I planned to hit all three of them.

The first one was actually in the back of my neighborhood.  My 10-year-old is really into cars these days and I found a car book and a model Mustang for him for $1.50 total.

The next sale was on River Rd.  River Road is where people with “old Richmond money” live.  So of course I had high expectations.   Let’s just say it didn’t live up to my expectations.  The old lady who was running the sales proclaimed herself to be “blind as a bat.”  But I tell ya what, she was keeping a good eye on those prices and was not willing to negotiate.  No worries.

Much to most seasoned “yard-salers” dismay, I seldom ask for a discount.  I appreciate the work that goes into holding a yard sale.  They obviously want to get as much as they can for their crap and sometimes I feel like asking for them to take less is offensive.  What’s a dollar or two to me in the grand scheme of things?  Not much.

Sometimes if I’m getting several items from one person, I will ask for a few bucks off the sticker price.   For example, if I have 3 items that come to $7 you may say, “Will you take five for all this?” as you’re handing them the money.  Most people will accept that.

From Mrs. River Road I bought a brand new pair of suede flats.  Apparently my foot grows half a size every time I have a baby, and this time was no different.  Anyone need any size 9s?   I have a closet full.

I also scored another Christmas sweater.  Ever since my bff Halle announced her annual holiday party was going to be a “Tacky Christmas Sweater” party, I’ve been obsessed with finding them.  You may remember the one I found at Goodwill Outlet and this one did not disappoint either.

It is a Plus Size woman’s vest and will look AMAZING on my brother-in-law, Glenn.  In fact, I can’t wait to see him in it.  As of this writing, I’m not sure he even knows about the party, much less the sweater, but whatever!

After I left River Road, I headed back toward my house and saw a sign for a sale.   The sign advertised tools, and since I’m in the market for a saw, I thought I’d stop in.


I knew just a little paint would make this adorable.

The first thing I saw was this shelf.  A friend of mine has asked me to keep my eye out for a display shelf for her daughter’s ceramic egg collection.  For a $1 I thought I’d get it just in case it would work for her.

It’s not the right size and doesn’t have glass, so I am going to use it as a display shelf in my booth at the antique shop.

I also scored 8 vintage silk scarves at this sale.  They were a quarter each.  I don’t know much about the value of vintage scarves; I just like them.  On Etsy, name-brand scarves can fetch up to $25 or more.  I think the most valuable one was an Oscar de la Renta.

The most unique and my favorite by far was this green and navy one.  It is labeled June Critchfield from 1979 and is a depiction of the National Mall in Washington, DC.  Its complete with the Capitol at one end and the Washington Monument at the other with traffic in the middle.  No wait.  That’s not right. Sorry.  That was my PTTSD (Post Traumatic Traffic Stress Disorder) rearing its ugly head.

Actually I think this scarf is super-cool and would awesome framed.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.  I may give it to a DC friend for her birthday.

The last thing I bought were these two little handmade (in 1963) wooden stars for a quarter each.  I’ve already painted them a bright avocado green and think they would look adorable as Christmas decorations.  They’ll be going in the shop this week.

So all in all, my Saturday yard sale adventure, I spent $12 and had a whole lotta fun.

Thanks for reading!