It was a busy weekend, and I was finally able to finish up a few projects that had been starting to pile up.

I got this cute curvy mirror a few weeks ago at my very first online estate sale auction – my new addiction.  I’ll write about it in detail sometime soon, but just think of it as eBay up the street.  You can check the items out ahead of time, go home and bid on them in your pajamas, and then pick them up the next day.  So much fun!!

I had initially intended to paint the mirror pink.  I’m just dying to paint something a soft pale pink – but it was calling out to be antique white.  The morning I was going to take it to the shop, I passed by my awful spray-painted-silver plastic mirror in our office and decided I’d keep the white one instead.

This weekend I also finished this cute retro mirror that my friend, Catherine picked up for me at the Goodwill Outlet.  You know, the “pay-by-the-pound” place hereafter to be referred to solely as “The Pound.”

I painted it a soft aqua color and lightly distressed it.

I think this would look awesome in a foyer or over a dresser, as I’m sure it was originally intended.  I think it could be cool in a bathroom as well instead of your standard frameless mirror (I hate those!).

Right now I have it listed on craigslist since I don’t have room for it in my little booth at the antique shop.  We’ll see how that goes.

I just finished this chair this morning.  I found her on the top shelf at a local thrift shop about a week ago.  I had to ask an employee to verify the price tag when I saw they wanted a whopping…are you ready for this… $1.98!

That’s how I found her!

The chair was in really good shape – no holes in the caning, and had very few dings on the legs.  I knew she’d look great with a coat of paint and some funky fabric.

Here she is when I got her home.

First I removed the seat and painted the chair a peacock blue.   (Kinda addicted to that color right now!)  I decided to leave the caning on the back natural because, well, I just like how it looks.  Actually, that’s only partly true.  The whole truth is that I’m such a sloppy painter, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to control the drips that would surely find their way between the cane.  In any case, I left it au natural, and I think it looks great.

After the blue dried, I “dry-brushed” on antique white.  Basically what that means is that you get a little paint on your brush, then sorta dab most of it off.  Then you haphazardly apply it over the white, wiping it off as you go.

You can see how the blue shows through.

After giving the entire chair a light sanding, I distressed the edges and then sealed the finish with a coat of clear wax.

This morning I covered the chair with the aqua and lime green fabric from Joann Fabrics. This was my first ever attempt at recovering a chair, and I must say, it was harder than I thought it would be to get it straight.  The corners were the most challenging part.

It takes a lot of finessing to make the deliberately uneven finish look even.

This chair is being sold at my new favorite consignment store, Revival in Gayton Crossing in the West End of Richmond. It is a super-cute shop and the merchandise changes every day.

Here’s another of my mirrors currently for sale at Revival:

Yes, another mirror painted blue.  Perhaps I need to branch out to a new color family.  Any suggestions?!

So that’s what I was up to this weekend! Thanks for reading!

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