Paint Tips

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing an old piece of furniture come to life with a simple coat of paint.  Painting furniture should be fun and easy.  It is all about having the right tools for the job.  Follow these instructions, and you will be rewarded with a beautiful piece of furniture you can be proud of for years to come.

Here’s what you’ll need for the perfect paint job:

•   Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder (2 Tbsp of powder + 1 Tbsp water is all you need for 1 cup of paint.)  For reference, a cup of paint is usually enough to paint a small end table, for example, with plenty of leftover paint for other small projects.
•   Any brand or finish latex paint. We recommend a “paint & primer in one” product in a flat finish. Home Depot (Behr) sells an approximately 1 cup sample for about $3.00.
•   Fiddes wax
•   2” angled brush.  A higher quality brush is going to give you better results.  We prefer Wooster or Purdy brand.
•   Drop cloths
•   Painter’s Tape, if necessary, to tape off parts you don’t want painted.
•   Klean-Strip Liquid Sander Deglosser for prepping your furniture
•   Assorted Sandpaper: 220 grit for distressing & 600 grit for buffing
•   Specialty wax brush or rag for applying wax
•   Lint-free rags for buffing

Follow these 10 steps to a fabulous painted finish:
1.  Inspect the piece to be painted.  Repair any gouges or missing veneer and lightly sand if necessary.  The great thing about Websters Chalk Paint Powder is that you don’t HAVE to sand (or prime!) for the paint to stick, but it is recommended on scratched or glossy surfaces.
2.  Always wipe the item down before painting.  Be sure to remove any dust or stuck-on residue.  We recommend using a product like Klean-Strip Liquid Sander Deglosser.  Follow the instructions on the bottle and let the piece dry for at least 10 minutes.  Now to the fun part….
3.  Mix up the amount of paint that you will need.   A sample size of paint (from Lowes or Home Depot), which is approximately one cup,  is usually enough to paint a small 3-drawer dresser, for example, with plenty of leftover paint for other small projects.
4.  Apply the first coat of paint in thin, smooth, even strokes using a 2” brush.  We prefer an angled “sash” brush.   If you feel it is going on too thickly, mix a few drops of water in the paint.  Two thin coats is better than one thick one!  Once you have covered the surface, resist the urge to go back over it.  We will smooth out any inconsistencies with the second coat.
5.  Once the first coat is dry, you can apply the second coat if desired.  This paint covers so well; don’t be surprised if you don’t need a second coat!  Here’s a tip to help the paint go on more smoothly: dip the tip of the brush ever so slightly in water each time before reloading with paint.  This will thin the paint and eliminate the brush dragging across the surface.
6.  It is best to let the paint dry overnight.
7.  If you wish to distress the piece, now is the time.  Grab some 220 grit sandpaper and lightly hit the edges and corners to reveal the underlying surface.  In most cases you will sand with the grain of the wood, but going in the opposite direction will add interest to the finish.  If you wish for a super-smooth surface, you can also use 400 or 600 over the entire piece.  Gently wipe down.
8.  Now it’s time for wax!  (If are going to use your surface as a chalkboard, you can skip this step!)  Grab your can of Fiddes Clear Wax and a lint free rag.  Our specialty wax brush is perfect for spreading the wax evenly over large surfaces and getting into tight corners.  A cut-up old tee-shirt works well too.  Wrap it around your fingers and dip it into the wax.  A little goes a long way.  Rub gently into the paint.  Work it in in small sections and smooth it out, finishing with one pass going in the direction of the grain.  If you want to “age” the piece, repeat this step with Fiddes Wax in Rugger Brown or Jacobean.

9.  Allow the wax to dry overnight and then buff to a shine with a clean lint-free rag.

10.  Smile!  You did it!  Now you have a beautiful piece that you will enjoy for years to come!

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