Why Did I Start Worthwhile ReStyle?

Well, if you know me well, you know that I love two things:

1)   Bargain hunting at thrift shops, yard sales, etc., and

2)   Everything to do with DIY decorating: painting, sewing (Straight lines only people – don’t be too impressed!)

I have always loved the thrill of the hunt for a good bargain.  I’ve been “yard-saleing” (Yes, that IS a verb!) since I was a kid.  In high school, I scoured the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores for vintage clothing, and I furnished and decorated my college apartment with yard sale finds.

The problem now is that I’ve lived in my house for 8 years, and I’m sorta done decorating it (for now, tee hee!)  And my usually very-tolerant-of-my-thrift-shop-addiction-husband has kindly asked me not to bring in anymore of my “treasures.”  He claims that house is getting too heavy.  Whaaaa?

So what’s a bargain-hunting girl to do to get her fix?  That’s right: rent a booth at an antique mall so that I have an excuse to shop…I mean, so that other people can appreciate my finds.

This past weekend, I set up a small space at a new antique store here in the West End of Richmond.  It’s called Oddballs, Antiques and More.  What I love about this place is that it’s not the usual stuffy antique mall where (in the words of my 9 year old) there’s a “crusty old dude” sitting behind the register.  In fact, the owner is just a bit older than me, uses social media to market the shop, and is even holding an event next month that will be attended by reality TV stars.  Reality TV and antiques?  Could there be a less likely, but more “me,” combination?!

In my booth I have furniture and accessories that I’ve hand-painted and distressed, cute vintage treasures, and basically everything that I like but Justin won’t let me keep in our house!   If you’re local to Richmond, the store is located at 8030 West Broad Street, just east of Parham Rd. in the Big Lots shopping center.   Come check it out and let me know what you think!

As for this blog, I will keep it updated with new projects, my thrift shop scores, and what’s currently available in my little booth at Oddballs.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you check back often!  Or better yet, subscribe to the blog by entering your email at the top of the page.


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  1. I know somebody with a wedding coming up that would absolutely adore that stained glass window 😉

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