A few people have asked me what’s the meaning behind the name “Worthwhile ReStyle.”  I’d love to say I came up with it, but my amazingly creative husband thought of it after I told him what I had in mind for the business.

So let’s break it down.  First (well, actually second, but I want to talk about it first, is the term “ReStyle.”  What does this mean to me?

“Restyling” is taking something old, outdated, or that you might not like anymore and with just a little creativity (and usually paint), changing it into something you love.    Like when you score a tacky coffee table from the 70’s and then paint it and add new hardware like I did to this table in my son’s cruise-ship themed nursery.

I don’t have a picture of the “before,” but trust me, it was BAD. Now: I love it!

Since I get most of the items in my shop at yard sales and thrift shops, I restyle most, if not all of my finds.  Let’s face it: thrift shops are full of crap that people no longer want.  Sure, there are some perfectly in-style home accessories to be found.  But more often than not, these stores of full of garish brass, outdated furniture, and tacky tchotchkes.  The challenge is not to see the items as they are, but to see their potential.

Currently my four favorite things to restyle are:

1- Brass – so ugly in the 80’s – so awesome now painted and distressed so just a little gold shows through!  I love the peacock blue of these lamps.

Still a work in progress, but these brass lamps were in bad shape when I picked them up at a yard sale.

2 – Picture frames and mirrors – lots of great things you can do to these, like turn them into trays and chalkboards.

Cute frames with chalkboard paint are perfect to write notes around the house.

3- Vintage fabric – I love to make pillows out of old vintage sheets and curtains.

4- Small furniture (shelves, end table, stools)  – a fun, bright coat of paint is all they need!

As this little blog o’ mine progresses, I hope to inspire you to look at your things with a new eye and give you tips on how to restyle accessories around your house.   Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll share with you in detail what you can do with your thrift shop finds and show you some of my favorite projects.

Which one do you want me to show you first?  Leave me a comment below!

Now, on to the “WORTHWHILE” part of the name.  Well, to me, there are a few meanings behind this word.  First, it just makes good sense to reuse what we already have and keep perfectly good things out of the landfill.  I’m thrilled that consignment and thrift shops have grown in popularity with the whole “reduce, reuse, recycle” movement.   “I go green” sounds so much better than “I go cheap!”  Don’t you agree?

The second, and most important reason I call my business “Worthwhile” is what I do with the proceeds.  My sister, Barbara, passed away four years ago from diabetes.  In honor of her, I give a portion of what I make from the sale of items in my booth at Odd Balls Antiques & More to the Juvenile Diabetes Association – a very worthwhile cause!

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One Thought on “Worthwhile ReStyle: What’s up with the name?

  1. Lindsay on October 9, 2012 at 12:45 pm said:

    Teresa…your new blog looks great! You are so talented with decorating and refinishing! I enjoy looking at all of your projects,and I especially love the name. I know you will do great in your new endeavor!

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